The Rock loved Bruce Ellington’s TD celebration
October 18, 2017 05:50 PM | Deepi Sidhu
When Bruce Ellington scored his first touchdown as a Houston Texan in Week 3 against New England, he definitely was smelling what the Rock was cooking.

The veteran wide received dropped an impeccable People's Elbow on the defenseless football. To make the celebration even more theatrical, Deshaun Watson jumped in as the referee to tap the ball out.

However, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson somehow missed this (the television broadcast did not show the celebration, though a clip did make its rounds on social media).

Three weeks later, Johnson did see his signature move when Lions wide receiver Golden Tate did following his touchdown against the Saints. Just like Watson, another Lions player also acted out the part as referee. Johnson saw it and praised it.

Twitter was quick to jump to Ellington's defense, including another veteran NFL wide receiver.

Ellington also pointed out that he was the first People's Elbower, while also quoting the 2002 cult movie classic "Friday After Next" because, you know, Twitter.

In his defense, The Rock quickly responded and played along.

"My bad," Johnson said. "Who started this BBQ?"

The Texans wideout gave credit to Johnson, who technically did start the move.

It's safe to say, Ellington definitely is on the "Ballers" star's radar now. Here's hoping to more wrestling touchdown celebrations for the rest of the season. Perhaps the Rock Bottom?
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